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Ludlow Construction Co. Inc. is a family owned business that specializes in the construction of underground infrastructure, roadway construction, and site development.  With over 25 years of experience, we have the expertise to complete a variety of projects while maintaining a strong commitment to high-quality, on-time results.  Please contact us with your next project.

 (Licensed by MASS DOT (PBE) |  CTDOT  |  CTDAS)

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Road construction involved the building or replacement of an entire existing pavement structure by the placement of the equivalent or increased pavement structure. Reconstruction usually requires the complete removal and replacement of the existing pavement structure, appropriate when a pavement has structurally failed and can no longer support the traffic demand. Reconstruction increases the structural capacity of the pavement to a level that is required for long term performance.

We perform road construction for smaller, private projects as well as major public projects. If you hire us as your construction company, you can rest assured we’ll properly execute every aspect of your construction project from start to end.

Serving Massachusetts and Connecticut.

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Ludlow Construction Co. is certified with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, the Connecticut Department of Transportation and Department of Administrative Services. We focus on the installation of sanitary sewer, storm and water mains, public and private property service lateral connections, combined CSO separations, force mains and pump stations.


Ludlow Construction Co. provides construction site development expertise that lays the groundwork for a project’s overall success. With the sheer size and complexities of many of our projects, clients appreciate our experience and the fact that they can rely on us to deliver the right civil construction work at the lowest possible production costs.

We offer all aspects of site development work including grading, excavation and backfill, construction of sewer, water, drain and other utility systems, driveways, curb and sidewalks and landscaping.

Serving Massachusetts and Connecticut

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We have years of experience in installing granite curbing, concrete curbing and concrete sidewalks.  Our expertise will provide a high quality finished product in a timely and efficient manner.



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